T h e d o m a i n T o d a y

Domaine de la Motte

In the heart of the Chablis vineyard, a unique terroir 2 hours from Paris and less than 3 hours from Lyon, the estate has been located since its creation in the centre of the village of Beine, 6 km from Chablis and 7 km from the Auxerre Sud motorway exit (n°20).

Today, the estate has 2 sites (the tasting cellar and the winery) and 53 hectares divided between the appellations of Petit Chablis, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru, and Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

R e c e p t i o n o f t h e p u b l i c i n t h e t a s t i n g c e l l a r

Come and discover our wines! All year long Françoise Michaut reserves you her best welcome at the tasting cellar located at 35 grande rue in Beine.

  • Opening hours :

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10.00am – 6.00pm
    Wednesday & Sunday by appointment
    We advise you to call before your visit at

“Concerned about the quality of our wines, being part of your moments of sharing and conviviality remains our priority. “

L e C h a i

Located in the heart of the wine village of Beine, this is where our wines, so representative of this unique terroir, are made.

They are bottled at the property, labelled and then shipped all over the world.

T h e P r e s s e s & W i n e r y

Nestled in the hillside at the foot of the Church of Notre Dame de Beines, the winery was built in the 1980s, then extended and modernised in 2003. It is within these walls that Adrien has been passionately crafting the wines of the Domaine since 2010.

The quality of our wines is an essential concern. Our modern equipment enables us to meet our quality requirements and to offer our customers authentic wines.

The vinification is carried out in the Burgundian tradition, we take care to respect the characteristics of this fabulous heritage. We give each terroir time to express itself with maturing periods of between 8 and 10 months.

With a total capacity of 6785 hectolitres, our winery has 74 temperature-controlled vats and 116 oak barrels carefully selected by Adrien according to the type of wood and toasting.

Key figures

74 vats
116 oak barrels

Adjacent to the vat room, the press room has 3 pneumatic presses with a capacity of 50hl to 60hl. In order to preserve all its properties, the grapes are pressed quickly after harvesting, then the juice is put into vats for settling.

Vacuum bottling preserves the quality of the wine and prevents oxidation. Our bottling line is capable of filling up to 2400 bottles per hour.

We also label our own bottles. Our latest generation labelling machine allows us to be flexible and reactive in order to meet all the needs of our different customers.

B o t t l i n g & L a b e l l i n g

Over the years, and to accompany the growth of the estate, we have invested in equipment that allows us to be both independent and autonomous.

We have had our own vacuum bottling line since 2002. This not only allows us to optimise the storage of our bottles, but also to bottle according to our needs.

T h e T e a m

In the vineyard: Tractor operator, labourer, manual work in the vineyard, agricultural mechanics… Throughout the year, a team of 12 people pay particular attention to the 53 hectares of the estate in order to obtain the most beautiful grapes.

In the vat room and in production: 2 people share daily the tasks of the vat room to ensure a quality wine and of labelling to best prepare the orders that will be sent throughout the world.

For sale: Come and meet Françoise at the tasting cellar at 35 Grande Rue in Beine, or get in touch with Christophe, our sales representative specialising in the catering trade, who will be delighted to meet you, or contact Pauline, our assistant, for any other requests.